QANplatform Roadmap

QANplatform Roadmap 2023

QANplatform’s vision is a world where real and helpful use cases are built on the blockchain. Our mission is to empower anyone to build rapidly and securely on the blockchain. (If you are new to QANplatform; read the Quick introduction to QANplatform.)
Ethereum and other blockchain platforms paved the way for the industry to turn their mistakes to our advantage to build a better Layer 1, the blockchain platform for the forward-thinkers.
One of our core values is “Build for the future, not for the pump”. We will stick to this also in 2023 to build a solid, well-tested product for the future.

We have set ourselves two milestones for this year:

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    Launch the QAN private blockchain to prepare the ecosystem: We will launch a fully functional private blockchain product for companies and developers. It will contain three of our four IPs. With the help of the multi-language smart contracts, they will build blockchain use cases in any programming language. They will benefit from the rapid cloud deployment when installing the private blockchain, where they can cut their deployment time by 80% compared to the industry average. They can secure their transactions for the future with the quantum-resistant security add-on. In this way the ecosystem can prepare for the MainNet Beta launch. Companies and developers will be able to prepare their use cases in a private environment and migrate their code or connect their data later to the QAN MainNet Beta and benefit from the hybrid blockchain feature.
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    Launch the QAN public blockchain (QAN MainNet Beta) (H2 2023): This milestone will add our fourth IP to the mix, our unique Proof-of-Randomness (PoR) consensus algorithm with node providing and validation. QAN will be the first Layer 1 which will reward developers with developer royalty fees after each transaction and smart contract deployment where their code is getting reused to boost the ecosystem by developing and deploying quality codes on QANplatform, the Quantum-resistant Layer 1 hybrid blockchain platform.
Let’s dive right into the significant milestones of the QANplatform Roadmap 2023.
NOTE: Milestones are for information only. They may change to an earlier or later date.

Targeted roadmap milestones for 2023

What are the next milestones for QANplatform after the QVM - Multi-language smart contract launch?
Our next big milestone will be the integration of QVM to the QAN TestNet with the multi-language smart contract feature followed by the QAN Private Blockchain launch this autumn.
Despite the fact, that QAN has issues with scaling the IT team, the QAN team managed to deliver:
  • the world's 1st Ethereum compatible Quantum-resistant blockchain using NIST-approved post-quantum signature CRYSTALS-Dilithium,
  • and the world's 1st Hyperpolyglot smart contract engine which enables developers to code smart contracts in any programming language compatible with the Linux Kernel.
Finding high-quality talent is very hard across many sectors including information technology, which is especially true for a complex deep-tech project with many innovations like QANplatform.
QAN's laser focus will be only on product-related milestones to bring the QAN private blockchain to the market. This will be the catalyst for the preparation of the ecosystem for the QAN public blockchain (QAN MainNet Beta) launch. We started to outsource some easier, non-IP-related modules and ecosystem-related developments like LibreScan to balance the shortage of human resources.
  • [QAN TestNet] — Quantum-resistant transactions and MetaMask integration
  • [QAN TestNet] — audit from an IBM Platinum partner
  • QVM - Multi-language smart contracts
  • [QAN TestNet] — with Multi-language smart contracts
  • [QAN TestNet] — Blockchain explorer
  • [Private blockchain] — QVM with Multi-language smart contracts
  • [Private blockchain] — Rapid Cloud Deployment
  • PoR Governance model parameterization
  • [QAN TestNet] — Node provider tests
  • [QAN TestNet] — Validator tests
  • [QAN MainNet Beta] — Security audits
  • [QAN MainNet Beta] — Launch (Node providing, Validation, Dev Royalties)
  • Developer Partner Program
  • LibreScan product launch
  • Quantum Campaign — “Demonstration of the Quantum Problem”
  • [QAN MainNet Beta] — Campaign
  • Developer Grant Program
  • Blockchain Benchmark Tool
What does MainNet Beta mean? The MainNet Beta relates to the Proof-of-Randomness (PoR) parametrization. This means that during the beta phase of the MainNet PoR parameters like validation rewards, smart contract deployment, and interaction fees, developer royalties might be adjusted to support the rapid growth of the ecosystem.

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About QANplatform (QAN blockchain platform): QANplatform is the quantum-resistant Layer 1 hybrid blockchain platform that will allow developers and enterprises to build quantum-resistant: smart contract, DApp, DeFi, DAO, token, CBDC, NFT, Metaverse, and Web3 solutions on top of the QAN blockchain platform in any programming language.