QANplatform Roadmap 2024

QANplatform’s vision is a world where real and helpful use cases are built on the blockchain. Our mission is to empower anyone to build rapidly and securely on the blockchain. (If you are new to QANplatform; read the Quick introduction to QANplatform.)

Ethereum and other Layer 1 blockchain platforms paved the way for the industry. However, existing blockchain platforms reached their limits to be widely and securely used as a robust infrastructure yet remaining secure and decentralized. We are turning their mistakes to our advantage to build a better Layer 1, the blockchain platform for the forward-thinkers.

If you missed our main milestones in 2023, such as the QAN Enterprise Blockchain launch, a $15M VC agreement, total supply reduction, selection in the Ernst & Young Startup Academy, participation in the WebSummit Startup Program, the announcement of being the Official Blockchain Partner of Alpine Esports from the Renault Group, and more, please read the 2023 recap.

We have set ourselves three main focus areas for this year:

  • QAN Enterprise Blockchain (private blockchain) fine-tuning

  • QAN TestNet launch

  • QAN MainNet Beta launch

  • Product documentation – In-depth product and developer docs

  • SDK releases – Software Development Kit (SDK) releases

  • Closed Performance Enterprise Blockchain – maximum traffic simulation

  • Closed Performance Enterprise Blockchain – Analytics page

  • Additional integrations – cloud, virtualized, bare-metal

  • Security audit

  • New version release – updates and improvements

  • TestNet v1 – quantum-resistant multi-language smart contracts on QVM

    • Faucet v1 – Telegram Faucet

    • Wallet integration v1 – Ethereum compatible wallets

    • QAN XLINK integration v1 – Docker

    • Product documentation – In-depth product and developer docs

    • SDK releases – Software Development Kit (SDK) releases

    • Status page – TestNet system status page

    • Blockchain Explorer

  • TestNet v2 – TPS optimization

    • Faucet v2 – Web Faucet

    • QAN XLINK integration v2 – Native desktop OS taskbar application

    • Closed Performance TestNet – maximum traffic simulation

    • Closed Performance TestNet – Analytics page

  • TestNet v3 – Developer Royalties

  • TestNet v4 – PoS node providers, validation

  • Security audit

  • Improvements and fine-tuning

  • QAN MainNet Beta launch

  • Integrations: Oracle and RPC API integrations

  • Bi-directional bridge

    • Bi-directional bridge between QAN TestNet and Ethereum TestNet

    • Bi-directional bridge between QAN TestNet and BSC TestNet

  • Developer Partner Program

  • Bug Bounty Program

  • Developer Grant Program

  • QAN MainNet Beta β€” Campaign

What does MainNet Beta mean? The MainNet Beta relates to the parametrization. This means that during the beta phase of the MainNet, structures and parameters like node providing, validation, and their rewards, smart contract deployment, and interaction fees, developer royalties might be adjusted to support the rapid growth of the ecosystem.

Why PoS instead PoR? Proof-of-Randomness (PoR) is a highly experimental concept that requires extensive technological and economic modeling, testing, and auditing. Due to its experimental nature and the time-consuming testing and quality assurance period, we will launch the QAN MainNet Beta with Proof-of-Stake (PoS) to facilitate the QAN Ecosystem's growth as soon as possible. If users of the QAN MainNet Beta request PoR to be integrated into the MainNet, we will continue its development in 2025.

NOTE: Milestones are for information only. They may change to an earlier or later date.


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