DOCs for supported languages

What does it mean that a language is "supported" by QVM? Doesn't it support ALL languages?

The answer is yes, QVM supports ALL languages which can be compiled to a static ELF binary compatible with Linux. However, there is a continously expanding list of languages officially supported by QANplatform development team.

This means that for these languages there will be official tutorials and optimized compilers made available to ensure that contracts written in these languages run as efficient as possible and consume as little fees as absolutely required, nothing more.

The current list of supported languages:

pageJavaScript (JS) smart contractpagePython smart contractpageJava smart contractpageTypeScript (TS) smart contractpageC# (C-Sharp) smart contractpageC++ smart contractpageC smart contractpageGolang (Go) smart contractpageRust smart contractpageKotlin smart contract

We will keep on expanding this list continously! Check back later if your faviourite language is not officially supported here yet.

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