Developer Royalty Fees

QANplatform the Layer 1 which rewards developers.

💡[Definition] Developer Royalty Fees (DRF)

Fees were brought to life to reward the Generic Smart Contract Developers for a lifetime.

[Market problem]:

Smart Contract Developers who build the ecosystem are not rewarded.

Blockchain platforms only reward validators (miners, stakers) and node providers in their own utility token, however, smart-contract developers are ones who are building use cases and products on the blockchain to reach mass adoption.

QANplatform, the first Layer 1 blockchain which rewards developers after each transaction and smart contract deployment

Imagine as GitHub would reward developers when their code is getting re-used by others. QANplatform is the first blockchain platform that favors developers to be active members of the ecosystem. QANplatform lets developers not only code smart contracts in any programming language thanks to the unique Multi-language Smart Contract (Hyperpolyglot) feature, it rewards developers in a decentralized and democratic way to earn QANX and to boost QANplatform's mass adoption.

Those developers (Generic Smart Contract Developers) who publish a new generic code to the QAN public blockchain (MainNet) will be rewarded in QANplatform's utility token (QANX Token) when their code is being re-used by other developers (Specific Smart Contract Developers) for a lifetime.

Developers (Generic Smart Contract Developers) whose code will be re-used will be rewarded after:

  1. Each new smart contract deployment fee is paid by Specific Smart Contract Developers.

  2. All transactions which interact with smart contracts (DApps) where the code is re-used.

  3. The reward is for a lifetime.

Developers can cut their smart contract upload costs by 80%

QANplatform’s Developer Royalty System reduces burden on the network since only new code logic parts will be uploaded on the QAN MainNet. As a result of this, Specific Smart Contract Developers who re-use already deployed code parts in their smart contracts pay proportionately less, since they only pay for the new code parts to be deployed on the blockchain.

Key Takeaways — [Developer Royalty Fees]:

  • QANplatform is the first Layer 1 blockchain that rewards developers after each transaction.

  • Royalty fees are paid after smart contract re-deployment and each transaction in QANX.

  • This methodology not only makes QANplatform attractive to developers but also reduces burden on the network since only new code logic parts will be added to the QAN MainNet.

  • Developers can cut their smart contract upload costs by 80%.

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