Use Cases

QANplatform can handle all existing blockchain use cases and it is built to serve future ones too.

QANplatform Use Cases

A Layer 1 blockchain platform, like QANplatform is the basic infrastructure of all blockchain projects and applications. It is like the operating system on a computer. The whole ecosystem can only build and work on top of it. QANplatform can handle all existing blockchain use cases and make them quantum-resistant for the future.

These all can be built on QANplatform

Developers and enterprises can build all these on top of the QAN blockchain platform:

  • Quantum-resistant smart-contracts,

  • Quantum-resistant DApp (Decentralized Application),

  • Quantum-resistant DeFi (Decentralized Finance),

  • Quantum-resistant token / cryptocurrency,

  • Quantum-resistant NFT (Non-fungible token),

  • Quantum-resistant DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization),

  • Quantum-resistant CBDC,

  • Quantum-resistant Metaverse,

  • Quantum-resistant Web3

Hybrid blockchain technology for every use case

QANplatform uses the hybrid blockchain model, that widens the possibilities to fulfill both enterprise and customer-focused use cases. Projects building on QANplatform can use the QAN private blockchain with 97,000 TPS. They can also decide which data shall be posted from the private blockchain to the QAN public blockchain (MainNet).

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