QAN TestNet Audit

QANplatform received QAN TestNet audit

QANplatform received QAN TestNet audit

We are pleased to announce that QANplatform received the audit of the QAN TestNet. Based on the audit report there are only easy-to-solve issues, therefore the QAN TestNet will be soon stable to integrate further features according to the roadmap.

QANplatform, the Quantum-resistant Layer 1 hybrid blockchain platform, launched its TestNet on January 17th. The current TestNet allows participants to add the QAN TestNet to MetaMask, thanks to the Ethereum compatibility, and transact with testnet tokens on the quantum-resistant QAN TestNet. With the QAN TestNet release, QANplatform is the first Ethereum compatible quantum-resistant blockchain platform.

“It was important to audit the current TestNet implementation before further feature integrations like the QAN Virtual Machine (QVM). The auditor team was a pleasure to work with and we exchanged a lot of knowledge. The audit also serves as a base for high-quality documentation, which was long due anyway. We are proud of the audit results and glad that we can soon concentrate on the next steps, since we have a solid base to work with and build upon.” — said Johann Polecsak, Co-Founder and CTO of QANplatform

The QAN TestNet audit was performed by VIR Zrt, an IBM Platinum Business Partner.

VIR ZRT provides IT consultancy, software development, audit, IT training, IT project management, software sales, and support to the following sectors: government, finance, energy, IT, public administration, and education. VIR Zrt’s customers are among others: the Hungarian Government, National Bank of Hungary, Mol Group, Petz Aladar Hospital, and Arrow ECS. VIR ZRT received the highest partner rank, the “IBM Platinum Business Partner” from IBM in 2020.

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