QAN TestNet

World’s 1st Ethereum Compatible Quantum-Resistant Blockchain
The QAN TestNet is being updated to a new version. In the meantime, test QAN's multi-language smart contract feature.

QANplatform Launches the World’s 1st Ethereum Compatible Quantum-Resistant Blockchain

QANplatform, the Quantum-resistant Layer 1 hybrid blockchain platform, has launched its TestNet. It allows participants to add the QAN TestNet to MetaMask, thanks to its Ethereum compatibility. It also allows users to transact with testnet tokens on the quantum-resistant QAN TestNet. With the QAN TestNet release, QANplatform is the first Ethereum compatible quantum-resistant blockchain platform.
QAN’s Virtual Machine (QVM) multi-language smart contract engine will also be included after completing its internal testing schedule.
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The World's first Quantum-resistant, Ethereum compatible blockchain

Most of you are eager to learn how we pull off the "Be Quantum-resistant yet remain Ethereum compatible" miracle. Now, it is finally here for you to experience!
This has most likely been a significant decision point before getting into QANplatform for anyone deeply into technology because these two statements (Quantum-resistance & ETH compatibility) would normally contradict each other. Not clarifying and demonstrating how this is done must have held back a lot of big players so far. Here however, we demonstrate one of the most crucial pieces of the puzzle.
To create Quantum resistance and ETH compatability, we had to create a custom cross-signature protocol that allows every ETH compatible wallet (MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Ledger, etc.) to be cross-linked to Quantum-resistant signature capable keypairs.
This is the QAN XLINK protocol.
QAN XLINK is implemented as a lightweight long-running process that you can easily run on your phone / laptop / desktop in the background your regular ETH transactions will only be accepted if there is a related XLINK signature for your wallet with a Post-Quantum key.
Through our solution, we have access to 99% of the crypto market due to compatibility. Yet, we also have a solid foundation to migrate away completely, leaving behind the elliptical curve of cryptography. This way, we have the benefit of what no one else has in the market- access. Guaranteed, all transactors on the QANplatform have a Post-Quantum keypair as well!
With QAN, there is no need to make harsh consequences (cutting off funds of people not migrating to PQ crypto in time) or run unnecessary risks (free funds stolen by quantum computing attacks flooding the market crashing the economics behind most chains). We truly have the best of both worlds!

Global deployment, real-world conditions

Our highly advanced DevOps techniques enable us to craft environments mimicking real-life scenarios as close as possible, yet maintaining direct access to elements of the network to measure & polish our engine further.
We set up the QAN TestNet with severe latencies on purpose. At the same time, the TestNet enables dynamic, geo-steered load-balancing to ensure all your transactions get efficiently propagated.
This is fundamentally different from what other centralized blockchains do. Usually they keep their nodes close to each other (mostly in the same datacenter) to enable high throughput, then they open up external access into that cluster from external locations.
QAN's setup was designed to stretch it to the limits by truly distributing ALL nodes across different countries, cities and data centers. This is to get as close to the uncoordinated environment of the upcoming MainNet as possible.
Nodes are distributed across the following locations at different datacenters in each city:
North America (San Francisco, New York, Atlanta)
Europe (Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London)
Asia (Mumbai, Tokyo, Singapore)
Open the to add the endpoint closest to you to your MetaMask wallet! Even if you add a remote location, geo-steering and automatic failovers guarantee that you are always connected!

QAN + MetaMask = ❤️

As per the above step, users can simply add the QAN TestNet to MetaMask, just as the Ethereum Ropsten or BSC Testnet.
It will work exactly as expected - given that QAN XLINK is running in the background cross signing the transactions!
This demonstrates how to immediately integrate with 100% of the current ecosystem in real life yet ensure quantum-resistant wallet handling. QAN is the first and only project globally that could enable this functionality to its users.

QAN Virtual Machine audit

Our next flagship solution, QAN's Virtual Machine (QVM) is being audited by an IBM Platinum partner. They will release the audit in Q1 2022 at the latest, as per today's update. As previously disclosed in AMA sessions, since QVM is an entirely different runtime than the EVM, it was not possible to make it a drop-in replacement for this release, so VM support (Ethereum EVM compatibility and multi-language smart contracts) will be added as soon as the internal testing has been conducted. It will debut on the very same TestNet that has been released!

Get the tooling, start transacting!

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