Low-cost fixed transaction fees

Low fixed transaction fees by QANplatform

πŸ’‘[Definition] Transaction fees:

The blockchain transaction fee is a cryptocurrency transaction fee that is charged to users when performing cryptocurrency transactions.

[Market problem]: Unpredictable transaction prices

Businesses (company CFOs and CTOs) or average crypto traders can’t calculate the future expenses for transactions on current blockchains. This is a problem for the whole blockchain industry especially for DeFi ecosystems dealing with mass transactions, locked tokens, lending, staking, bridges, DApps uploads, etc.

QANplatform says goodbye to the ever-changing high transaction fees

Everyone is aware of Ethereum's painfully high gas fees. Whether the user would like to buy an NFT, use a DeFi solution, or just buy/sell Layer 2 tokens, the volatile gas fee can be a real financial snag.

The solution for this specific problem from QANplatfom is to introduce a pre-defined price range (min and max) for transaction fees. Transaction fees will be fixed to USD. This helps to plan and predict costs not matter if you are an individual or an enterprise.

The community will have the chance to change the transaction fee price-range through governed voting.

Key Takeaways β€” [Low-cost fixed transaction fees]:

  • QANplatform transaction fee price-range will be fixed to USD.

  • By governed voting, the fee price-range could be changed.

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