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Step 1: Log in to your account. Click on 'Spot Trading' under 'Trade' on the top navigation bar. You can either choose the "standard" or "professional" version. This tutorial uses the standard version.
Step 2: Enter QANX on the 'Search' bar.
Step 3: Set buying price and buying amount (or exchange total). Then click on 'Buy'/'Sell'.
(Note: The percentages under the "Amount" box refer to certain percentages of the account balance.)
Step 4: Click on the last prices on the order book to conveniently set the buying/selling price.
Step 5: Confirm the price and amount. Then click on 'Place Order'.
Step 6: After successfully placing an order, you will be able to view it in 'My Orders' at the bottom of the page. You can also cancel the order here by clicking on 'Cancel'.
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