New features

  • Expose DB key+value pairs as environment variables to the execution context

  • Design common STDIO based API easily accessible from any language to interact with QVM

  • Enable forwarding STDERR/STDOUT to be emitted as events

  • Cryptographically provable contract download & registration

  • ASCII encoders for DB read/write


  • Database keys and values are limited to 32 bytes

  • Database keys and values can be only ASCII encoded

  • STDIO of contract execution result is limited to 32 bytes

  • Events cannot be emitted by contracts

  • Contract size max 256KB

  • Exit codes of contract binaries are not persisted

  • Fixed QVM memory allocation

  • Storage of other contracts cannot be accessed

  • Architecture is distributed, but not truly decentralized yet

  • Various instructions do not have proper economics behind them

  • Royalty features are not yet implemented

  • Value transfers (transferring sETH from QVM) instructions not ready yet

Roadmap to v0.0.3

  • Write ERC20 equivalent contract sample in Go

  • Lift limitation of DB keys and values length

  • Lift limitation of STDIO length

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