Hybrid blockchain
QANplatform, the hybrid blockchain platform

QANplatform is a hybrid blockchain

πŸ’‘[Definition] Hybrid blockchain
The hybrid blockchain is best defined as the blockchain that attempts to use the best part of both private blockchain and public blockchain solutions.
[Market problem]: Lack of hybrid blockchain platforms
Most blockchains are either public or private only. There is a lack of hybrid solutions, which is a must for enterprise mass adoption.

Use QANplatform as a hybrid blockchain

QANplatform can be used as a private blockchain like Corda or Hyperledger, and also as a public blockchain like Solana, Cardano, Polkadot.
Transparency and data security is a high priority for modern businesses. Thanks to the hybrid solution, enterprises can define which of their information (data transactions) should be stored privately or publicly since QANplatform can be used as a hybrid blockchain like Ethereum.
Key Takeaway β€” [Hybrid blockchain]:
  • QANplatform is a hybrid blockchain.
  • QANplatform will have a private blockchain and a public blockchain part as well.
  • Users can decide which data shall be posted from private blockchain to public blockchain.
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