Buy QANX on PancakeSwap

To purchase QANX token on PancakeSwap, you will need to set up a MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Binance Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, etc.

How to install MetaMask?

In this tutorial we will show you the buying process with MetaMask wallet.
Go to the MetaMask website, download, and install the application. (MetaMask is compatible with Chrome or Firefox browsers).

How to buy QANX on PancakeSwap

0. Go to PancakeSwap and connect it with your MetaMask wallet. Click on 'Connect Wallet'.
Go to and click on "Connect Wallet"
Connect MetaMask (or your other wallet) with PancakeSwap. Click on 'MetaMask'.
Click on "MetaMask".
A MetaMask window will open in the top right corner of your screen. Confirm connecting the wallet to PancakeSwap. After connecting the wallet, MetaMask will ask you switch to Binance Smart Chain Network. Approve the request.
  1. 1.
    Click the 'Trade' button on PancakeSwap.
Click the 'Trade' button on PancakeSwap.
  1. 2.
    Click on 'Cake' in the right input window.
Click on "CAKE"
  1. 3.
    Paste the QANX contract address in the input field and click 'Import'. 0xAAA9214F675316182Eaa21C85f0Ca99160CC3AAA
Paste the QANX contract address in the input field and click "Import".
  1. 4.
    Thick in 'I understand' and click on 'Import'.
Thick in "I understand" and click on "Import".
  1. 5.
    Select the amount of BNB you want to spend, and you will see the amount of QANX you will receive. Click 'Swap'.
  1. 6.
    You will see a summary of your upcoming QANX buy. If you agree confirm the swap by clicking on 'Confirm Swap'.
  1. 6.
    MetaMask will open a new window and ask you for final confirmation. Click 'Confirm', then wait until the transaction is completed! Be patient, sometimes it takes a few minutes.
Congratulations and welcome to the QANX holder community
You can check also if the transaction succeeded by pasting your public address into On your Address page select 'BEP-20 Token Txns'. You will see your transaction list.
Sometimes you need to add QANX Token smart contract address to your MetaMask to see your QANX Token balance.
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