Smart Contract Developers

Get ready to develop DApps on the Quantum-resistant QAN blockchain platform.

💡[Definition] Smart-Contract Developer

Smart-contract developers are programmers who are building software solutions or so-called Decentralized Applications (DApps) on top of a blockchain platform.

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[Market problem]:

Smart Contract Developers who build the ecosystem are not rewarded.

Blockchain platforms only reward validators (miners, stakers) and node providers in their own utility token. This is despite smart contract developers being the ones who are building use cases and products on the blockchain to reach mass adoption.

Developers can't use their favoured programming language

Most of the currently existing blockchain platforms offer only 2-3 programming languages for developers to choose from while developing smart contracts (DApps). There are also ones forcing developers to learn a new language that can only be used on that specific blockchain like Solidity (Ethereum) or Teal (Algorand). This fundamentally limits the mass adoption of blockchain technology because of the high entry barrier.

Smart Contract Developers

QANplatform's Vision:

A world where real and helpful use-cases are built on the blockchain.

QANplatform's Mission: Empowering anyone to build rapidly and securely on the blockchain.

QANplatform will be Ethereum EVM compatible

Thanks to QANplatform’s Ethereum EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatibility, developers can write, deploy, and run smart contracts as they would on Ethereum. On top of that they and their users can enjoy all the benefits of QANplatform, such as Quantum-resistant security, Proof-of-Randomness (PoR) consensus mechanism, Multi-language smart contract development, Developer Royalty Fees, Low and predictable transaction costs fixed in USD — just to name a few.

pageEthereum EVM Compatibility

QANplatform, the first Layer 1 blockchain which rewards developers after each transaction

Imagine if GitHub would reward developers when their code is getting re-used by others. QANplatform is the first blockchain platform that favors developers as active members of the ecosystem. QANplatform lets developers not only code smart contracts in any programming language thanks to the unique Multi-language Smart Contract (Hyperpolyglot) feature, it also rewards developers in a decentralized and democratic way to earn QANX and to boost QANplatform's mass adoption.

pageDeveloper Royalty Fees

20 million developers will be able to enter the blockchain space thanks to QANplatform

A new initiative started by new-wave blockchains to allow developers to code in different languages by utilizing WASM (WebAssembly), which is a great step forward however, there are better solutions.

QANplatform as a forward-thinking blockchain platform developed a new Multi-language smart contract mechanism. QANplatform's QVM will let developers run any kind of application, which is able to run a Linux Kernel.

pageMulti-language Smart Contracts | Hyperpolyglot

QANplatform, the quantum-resistant blockchain platform

The quantum computer threat is no longer just a FUD, as IBM recently announced that they would release a 1,121+ qubit quantum computer that will break the cryptography behind 99% of today’s blockchain platforms.

We implemented a post-quantum signature scheme that is used to cross-sign transactions. As soon as quantum computers become available we have an immediate solution as opposed to anyone else on the market.

pageQuantum-resistant Security

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