Technology Features

QANplatform Technology Features

Highlighted technology features of QANplatform (QAN blockchain platform)

FAQ: All technology features and the entire ecosystem will be fully available at the launch of the QAN public blockchain (MainNet).

QANplatform, the blockchain platform for forward thinkers

The 4 unique developments (IPs) by QANplatform make this Layer 1 outstanding besides the many technological and economical innovations.

  1. QANplatform's unique Multi-Language Smart-contract Development Methodology makes QANplatform usable by any programmer in any programming language.

  2. QANplatform's unique Lattice-based post-quantum cryptographic algorithm implemented in Go programming language will secure QANplatform ecosystem members against quantum computer attacks.

  3. QANplatform's unique Proof-of-Randomness (PoR) algorithm will make the QAN public blockchain the greenest blockchain on the market yet remain decentralized.

  4. QANplatform’s unique Rapid cloud platform deployment lets anyone deploy QAN private blockchain to major cloud platforms like Amazon AWS in less than 5 minutes, making QANplatform the fastest blockchain to deploy on the market.

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