QANX Bridge Audit

Audited by CertiK, the #1 smart contract security auditor on the blockchain ecosystem.

Audited by CertiK

QANX Bridge is audited by CertiK, the #1 smart contract security auditor in the blockchain ecosystem.

Security means a lot to us, since we are building QANplatform, the quantum-resistant blockchain. It was important for us to audit the QANX Bridge smart contract as we did previously with the QANX Token smart contract with Certik, the #1 smart contract security auditor on the blockchain ecosystem.

You can find the QANX Bridge audit report here.

CertiK leads blockchain security by pioneering the use of cutting-edge Formal Verification technology on smart contracts and blockchains. Unlike traditional security audits, Formal Verification mathematically proves program correctness and hacker resistance.

Other than the QANX Token and QANX Bridge the audit firm CertiK was also assigned to audit the recognizable PancakeSwap, 1inch, Tether, and Matic just to name a few.

QANX Bridge

The QANX Bridge is currently not operating. For public information purposes, we are informing you that the following addresses are the QANX Bridge allocation addresses on both Ethereum and BNB Chain. These two addresses hold the QANX Bridge allocation. Please do not transfer any QANX to these addresses!

QANX Bridge allocation (ETH): 0x3E9d2bFEC755A2787431Dd56534226255F33A32a QANX Bridge allocation (BSC):


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