3. Request tokens from the Faucet

How to request QAN TestNet tokens (tQANX) from the Faucet?
You need to install Telegram, if you don't have it. Note: This is only required until the web-based version of the Faucet is released.
Step 1: Text the following Bot on Telegram: @QAN_testnet_faucet_bot
Step 2: Send the wallet address you got from QAN XLINK in the previous step to the bot.
Note: your address will be different. The address above is just an example.
Step 3: The bot will check the address validity and send you some tQANX tokens and an Explorer link to your transaction. Once the transaction completes, the bot will send you a confirmation message, at this point your tokens have arrived in your wallet.
Step 4 (Optional):
Copy and paste the following command and press Return/Enter key.
docker logs -n1 xlink
You will see output like this: QAN XLINK submitted for 0x671d83f67d2cca4fbf10063415a82bd476192379. Valid until 2022-01-27 19:16:29 +0000 UTC This confirms that you received your tQANX tokens and QAN XLINK has successfully submitted the Post-Quantum signature to the network, which is valid for 24 hours from signing.
Done! 🎉
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